is India's fastest growing Cashback and coupons website. It helps you save on all your regular purchases across 100+ shopping websites. Earning Cashback is simple, just login to PaidpePaisa, search for your favourite retailer, click on a deal you like & shop normally at the retailer’s site.
If you are looking for a specific retailer, just type in the search bar. Alternatively, you can also browse through the website and click on whichever category/product you are interested in.
You can email us at [email protected] Our customer support team is available 24*7 and we tried to reponse to our customer within 48 hours.
Login to PaidpePaisa & search for the retailer you want to shop at. On PaidpePaisa’s retailer store page click on a deal you like. This will send you to the retailer's site where you can shop like you always do. You will get your Cashback within 5 Minutes to 72 Hours depending on the retailer you shop at. Once you have Rs.100 or more Approved Cashback you can transfer the Cashback to your Bank Account via NEFT or UPI.
Yes, for many of our retailers we have Cashback offers and coupons. Most retailers pay the same Cashback if you use a coupon code along with it. However, some retailers might pay lesser Cashback and some may not pay any Cashback at all if you use a coupon code. These terms are clearly stated on the retailer’s store page on so, please ensure you check all the terms & conditions before shopping.
Pending Cashback are those that we have tracked as transactions via PaidpePaisa & have been acknowledged by retailers. However, since they are still within the Return or Cancellation period you cannot redeem them yet. For example: If you make a purchase from through PaidpePaisa you will get an email from us acknowledging that you have Pending Cashback of Rs. 500 within 72 Hours. Now once the cancellation/return period is over, will confirm this to us and pay us in the next monthly payment cycle. We shall then move Rs. 500 to your Confirmed Earnings. However, if you cancel your order, the Cashback is cancelled as well.
Confirmed Cashback are those that have been approved as valid sales from retailers. The Confirmed Cashback amount can be transferred to your Bank Account via NEFT or UPI. Minimum Approved amount should be Rs.100 to initiate the transfer request.
Rejected cashback are those which are denied by the retailers as you have returned or cancelled the order.
Once you’ve logged in, you will see “My Earnings” on the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and then open 'My Earnings' to see your Cashback Earnings.
When you shop at retailers through PaidpePaisa, retailers pay us a commission. We pass most of this amount on to you as Cashback. This commission fee comes from the retailers’ advertising and customer acquisition budgets.
To ensure your Cashback tracks successfully, we recommend that you permanently allow cookies, JavaScript and third party images in your browser settings. Clear your cookies to get started. Log into and click out to any retailer through Always use one of the green buttons to click out from to the retailer's site; do not visit the retailer directly. Comparison sites - We recommend you do not use a quote reference or code provided by a comparison site. In that case, the commission from the sale would be paid to the comparison site. If we do not receive any commission from retailers we will not be able to pay you Cashback. Do not search a comparison site while completing a purchase through – otherwise we will not be able to pay you any Cashback. Completing the purchase online: only works online. So if you buy something over the telephone or in-store, we will not be able to pay you any Cashback. Voucher and gift codes - To get Cashback via please only use voucher codes supplied by If you use any other voucher codes/coupons etc. we will not be able to pay you any Cashback. Keep all email confirmations and documents from the retailer - just in case you need to use the information for submitting an earnings enquiry.
If you made a purchase less than 3 days ago, please wait a little longer. It can take between 5 minutes to 72 hours for retailers to track sales. However, if you made a purchase over 3 days ago but haven’t received an email acknowledging the purchase from us, please submit a Missing Cashback ticket within 10 days from the date of transaction. No Missing Cashback Claims will be accepted after 10 days. Sometimes, retailers fail to track a transaction on their end. After we receive transaction details from you, we can follow this up with the retailer, and attempt to get your Missing Cashback. Here’s how: Log in to on the top right corner of your navigation bar you will see the Your registered name with dropdown icon, click on it. Then click on “Raise Ticket. Here you can raise your issue and on View Tickets see the status of all your existing Cashback enquiries. To ensure you get your Cashback, please help our customer care team by sharing all the information as requested in the steps.
It can sometimes take up to 3 days for a retailer to track a transaction. Hence retailers do not accept any missing tickets before the end of this period.
Our payment policy in detail:
Only Approved Cashback can be paid. Pending Cashback cannot be paid till its status has been updated as ‘approved’ by the retailers.
When you have earned a minimum of Rs.100 as Approved Cashback, we can pay the money to your Bank Account via NEFT or UPI.
Depending on your bank, this payment should reach your account within 4-5 business days for payments via NEFT or UPI.